6477027032 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-702-7032, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-04 17:21:51
  • Savannah

I have a really good memory and my experiences as I came on this site.  I received a call from an unknown number of 18 00 similar stories as above. They said my name was drawn from a vote I was at an event I think heard Ribfest?. I remember fill something in the summer perhaps. Anyway I heard to hear it out as I had the time.  Was told I was guaranteed 1 5 prices 17 Toshiba laptop win 42 LCD flat TV US american dollars 1500 in cash 7 days in Florida american dollars included 1000 your choice in furniture.  They wanted to check my zip code to read it for me and I said was to have been my old?.  Then my name was surprised they did it would not be required.  I said my name. You wanted to know if my budget is about US american dollars 50 k had income. Sure said to. Then she needed a partner name. And a second phone number is reached.  And then my email address.  She was really surprised would not already all of this had the ballot.  An e Mail address that I use for newsletter coupons and junk e so I have provided I. They said would be sent a confirmation email together with my earnings claim number just in case that I did not believe what they were told.  They said it contained a cold evening buffet and I had to sit through a 90 min presentation to sell me something which you also mentioned that would sign it absolutely without obligation or buy something. I said very.  I was wondering what foods would be made available but they had special features.  I was wondering if any of the 5 awards the same chance had won and could no concrete answer.  Then I had to go to a Manager to confirm that I mind about what the person who told me the event to speak.  I confirmed and again asked the 5 awards.  This person told me that someone won US american dollars 1500 recently but there were more chances to win the trip to Florida.  I liked my chances to win cash or a laptop or TV not been what I wanted.  I remember going on a Florida trip in the past to win but it had too many restrictions and had I actually pay a reasonable amount of money to travel... as a free trip to win?  I also wondered if my gift to me could be sent but she said no I had to pick up the draw to do and himself.  Oh and this had to be done in the next evening. I was free anyway and continued the conversation. A few hours later I got the confirmation email... It said 2012 finalists map & amp DrawCongratulationVIP and preferred GuestClaim number WIN & lt & gt which we (euro) TMre are thrilled to advise you that you and your family have been selected as finalists for our BUFFET SHOW & amp draw. Each selected finalists one of five highly valued prices will be guaranteed. Keep in mind that our finalist show & amp draw is not for the general public and is only for selected finalists. You (euro) TMre claim on one of five highly valued prices guaranteed. The entire BUFFET SHOW and DRAW takes approximately 70 minutes so once again congratulations to (euro) (((œ) Latin alphabet grapheme) Latin alphabet grapheme) Latin alphabet GraphemeYOU (euro) TMRE guaranteed to the receive one of the five prizes (euros) all winners and selected finalists are required to bring two pieces of ID and your claim number as proof of their identification.  This is your claim on the final draw and guaranteed prices.  To claim your prize you take must combined family income be accompanied a US american dollars 50 000 per year and your spouse.  Who has participated in this action within the last year calandar is not Qaulify. Awards Center 6175 Hwy 7 Unit 6 Woodbridge ON L4H 0P6The whole look and feel of email and 2 write of the calendar and qualify in the last paragraph the fun has me only more attention devoted to question check it out and possibly win by my taste.  I went online looking for other experiences.  Came across many offers like this. The actual website I got seemed not real or legit either http / / www.pbcdiscounts.comThe I was called the next day confirm again I would like to take part and my be specified table number. The number was not this time blocked by 905 264 was 2890.  I was in a meeting and could not answer but remained a voice mail.  They wanted to confirm that I visited this evening and call 647 702 7032.  When I researched online I came across this thread. Another similar thread removed me http //com/Phone.aspx/1 905 258 9204I control then she called back to say that I could not take part. Thank you that you people of the free Internet the experiences to share. I only wonder but has anyone actually gone and won the cash or laptop or TV?


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